What is the Property Factor Register?

The Property Factors Register was established under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 (the Act) which came into force on 1 October 2012.

The Act defines the meaning of property factor and it is a criminal offence to operate as a property factor whilst unregistered and without reasonable excuse.

The register lets you search online to find out:

  • who the property factor is for a certain property address or area of land
  • the contact details of a certain property factor
  • the latest number of properties a property factor manages (based on information provided to the register as required by the Act)

Property factors are responsible for making sure that the information on the register is accurate within the requirements of the Act.

Changes to the information held on the register and other related matters are published in the register News section.

General enquires about this register can be directed to propertyfactorregister@gov.scot

Search the Register

Search for a Property Factor, properties or land

If you are not registered and intend to act as a property factor

If you are currently registered and intend to continue to act as a property factor

The annual update should only be completed between the 1 April and the 30 June. The annual update of property and land relates to property and land that was factored at any point during the previous financial year (1 April to the 31 March).

If you have started an application to enter the register