If you are not registered and intend to act as a property factor.

If you have started an application to enter the register.

The annual update should only be completed between the 1st April and the 30th June. The annual update of property and land relates to property and land that was factored at any point during the previous financial year (1st April to the 31st March).

If you are currently registered and intend to continue to act as a property factor.

If you have been listed as a responsible person on an application to register as a property factor, you will have to complete a fit and proper person test.

If you are already registered on the system and would like to view your registration and submission history.

If you need to make any of the following changes to your current registration:

  • Primary contact
  • Responsible/relevant person
  • Business contact details
  • Trading type

Please direct them to: propertyfactorregister@gov.scot